Artificial Intelligence (AI) Created Content

AI content generation is about feeding your AI models with semantic and contextual information. The result is a platform that can ‘understand’ what an item is, and how it should be used. AI creates content using semantic knowledge in any form of content including video, 3d, VR and more.

Images Created by AI

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How to establish lineage transparency for your machine learning initiatives

Machine learning (ML) has become a critical component of many organizations’ digital transformation strategy. From predicting customer behavior to optimizing business processes, ML algorithms are increasingly being used to make decisions that impact business outcomes. Have you ever wondered how these algorithms arrive at their conclusions? The answer lies in…

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Unlocking enhanced LLM capabilities with RAG in BigQuery

The rise of generative AI has brought forth exciting possibilities, but it also has its limitations. Large language models (LLMs), the workhorses of generative AI, often lack access to specific data and real-time information, which can hinder their performance in certain scenarios. Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) is a technique within…

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