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How to build user authentication into your gen AI app-accessing database

Generative AI agents introduce immense potential to transform enterprise workspaces. Enterprises from almost every industry are exploring the possibilities of generative AI, adopting AI agents for purposes ranging from internal productivity to customer-facing support. However, while these AI agents can efficiently interact with data already in your databases to provide summaries, answer complex questions, and …

Windows :(

Another glitch in the matrix after the latest Windows updates Created by @thesibilev and @vantage_films aianimation #aivideo #windows submitted by /u/Exact-Ad-1847 [link] [comments]

visual haystacks

Are We Ready for Multi-Image Reasoning? Launching VHs: The Visual Haystacks Benchmark!

Humans excel at processing vast arrays of visual information, a skill that is crucial for achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI). Over the decades, AI researchers have developed Visual Question Answering (VQA) systems to interpret scenes within single images and answer related questions. While recent advancements in foundation models have significantly closed the gap between human …

Using Machine Learning in Customer Segmentation

In the past, businesses grouped customers based on simple things like age or gender. Now, machine learning has changed this process. Machine learning algorithms can analyze large amounts of data. In this article, we will explore how machine learning improves customer segmentation. Introduction to Customer Segmentation Customer segmentation divides customers into different groups. These groups …