1 Year of selling AI art.

I started selling AI art in early November right as the NovelAI leak was hitting it’s stride. I gave a few images to a friend in discord and they mentioned selling it. Mostly selling private commissions for anime content, around ~40% being NSFW content. Around 50% of my earnings have been through Fiverr and the other 50% split between Reddit, Discord, Twitter asks. I also sold private lessons on the program for ~$30/hour, this is after showing the clients free resources online. The lessons are typically very niche and you won’t find a 2 hour tutorial on the best way to make feet pictures.



My breakdown of earnings is $5,302 on Fiverr since November.

~$2,000 from Twitter since March.

~$2,000-$3,000 from Discord since March.

~$500 from Reddit.

~$700 in private lessons, AI consulting companies, interview, tech investors, misc.

In total ~400 private commissions in the years time.

Had to spend ~$500 on getting custom LoRA’s made for specific clients. (I charged the client more than I paid out to get them made, working as a middle man but wasn’t huge margins.)

Average turn-around time for a client was usually 2-3 hours once I started working on a piece. I had the occasional one that could be made in less than 5 minutes, but they were few and far between. Price range was between $5-$200 depending on the request, but average was ~$30.


On the client side. 90% of clients are perfectly nice and great to work with, the other 10% will take up 90% of your time. Paragraphs explicit details on how genitals need to look.


Creeps trying to do deep fakes of their coworkers.


People who don’t understand AI.


Other memorable moments that I don’t have screenshots for :
– Man wanting r*pe images of his wife. Another couple wanted similar images.

– Gore, loli, or scat requests. Unironically all from furries.

– Joe Biden being eaten by giantess.

– Only fans girls wanting to deep fake themselves to pump out content faster. (More than a few surprisingly.)

– A shocking amount of women (and men) who are perfectly find sending naked images of themselves.

– Alien girl OC shaking hands with RFK Jr. in front of white house.


Now it’s not all lewd and bad.

– Deep faking Grandma into wedding photos because she died before it could happen.

– Showing what transitioning men/women might look like in the future.

– Making story books for kids or wedding invitations.

– Worked on album covers, video games, youtube thumbnails of getting mil+ views, LoFi Cover, Podcasts, company logos, tattoos, stickers, t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, story boarding, concept arts, and so much more my stuff is in.

– So many Vtubers from art, designing, and conception.

– Talked with tech firms, start-ups, investors, and so many insiders wanting to see the space early on.

– Even doing commissions for things I do not care for, I learned so much each time I was forced to make something I thought was impossible. Especially in the earlier days when AI was extremely limited.

Do I recommend people get into the space now if you are looking to make money? No.

It’s way too over-saturated and the writing is already there that this will only become more and more accessible to the mainstream that it’s only inevitable that this won’t be forever for me. I don’t expect to make much more money given the current state of AI’s growth. Dalle-3 is just too good to be free to the public despite it’s limitations. New AI sites are popping up daily to do it yourself. The rat race between Google, Microsoft, Meta, Midjourney, StablilityAI, Adobe, StableDiffusion, and so many more, it’s inevitable that this can sustain itself as a form of income.

But if you want to, do it as a hobby 1st like I did. Even now, I make 4-5 projects for myself in between every client, even if I have 10 lined up. I love this medium and even if I don’t make a dime after this, I’ll still keep making things.

Currently turned off my stores to give myself a small break. I may or may not come back to it, but just wanted to share my journey.

– Bomba


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