2x the credits for the same monthly price!

Today we’re announcing our biggest ever price reduction. NightCafe PRO subscriptions now come with double the credits (excluding the Professional pack, which comes with 1.7x the credits). Both new and existing subscribers will both get access to this price-per-credit reduction.

Credit pack prices have also been reduced by up to 50%.

This makes it a lot cheaper to experiment, iterate, and perfect your prompts and images. We’re excited to see what this means for our users and the overall quality of the explore pages.

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How is this possible?

This price reduction has been made possible by a few things combined:

  • Stable diffusion optimizations have made it cheaper and faster to run each diffusion step
  • Stable diffusion optimizations have also made it possible to achieve the same results with fewer diffusion steps
  • We’ve introduced ads on the site for non-PRO subscribers

Introducing Ads

Everyone hates ads, but showing ads on NightCafe allows us to continue to offer a generous number of free daily credits, and reduce the cost of NightCafe PRO.

When NightCafe was ad-free, users who paid for credit packs and/or NightCafe PRO were subsidising users that didn’t. That’s still the case to some degree, but showing ads to non-PRO users will offset that enough to allow paid credits to be up to 2x cheaper than before.

If you’ve never purchased a NightCafe PRO subscription before, use the code NO-ADS-PLEASE at the checkout for 25% off your first subscription payment. Ends midnight December 31, UTC time.

The NightCafe user experience is important to us, so we’ve tried to keep the ads to a minimum, and we’re not using intrusive ad types or ad positions. We’re aiming to show just enough ads to allow us to continue to offer free and earned credits to all users. If you think we haven’t got the balance right, we’d like to hear it – let us know via the feedback form.