Best Tools for Turning Images to Video

As an artist, content creator, or digital marketer, you must continuously create high-quality visual content to keep your target audience informed and entertained. Generating this kind of content daily can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

Luckily, you can easily create professional videos from still images thanks to emerging artificial intelligence (AI) art generators like NightCafe. These are digital tools designed to help you generate both images and videos from simple inputs like text prompts and still images.

Many content creators today are creating videos with generative AI tools because they help them save time and money and enhance their creativity. But what are the best image-to-video AI tools you can use?

Popular Image-to-Video AI Art Generation Tools

Several advanced AI-powered tools can help you turn your still images into realistic videos. These tools come with various key features and customization options that make the video generation process smooth and effective.

So, if you’re looking for the best AI art generators for your project, here are some of the best ones:

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe is one of the latest AI art generators designed with a focus on providing community fun and an extra level of creativity. This tool utilizes advanced generative AI models to generate photorealistic images and videos from texts and still images.

This platform allows you to generate twenty-eight pieces of art every day for free. Another notable aspect of NightCafe Creator is the fact that it offers a community feature that enables users to comment and share their views on other user’s creations.

With this tool, you need to start by generating an image using a text prompt and a Stable Diffusion model. Once you have the desired image, convert it into a video using the ‘Create Video’ button. You can also use your previously generated still images to generate videos.

DeepArt utilizes the stylistic elements of a still image to draw the content of a video. It’s designed to offer AI video generation capabilities, allowing you to animate still images with various styles.

You simply upload your still images and choose your preferred style, then hit the ‘Create’ button. Wait for a few minutes and check out the output. If you’re not satisfied with the results, keep refining the video until you get what you need.


Artbreeder is a fairly new tool that utilizes AI capabilities to bring together still images to generate new images and videos. The generated videos are based on the inputs. Although this tool was primarily designed to generate images, it has acquired new features that enable it to animate still images to generate videos.

Runway ML

Runway ML has proved to be an effective AI tool for creating unique pieces of art. This AI research platform gives you access to a variety of popular generative AI models to help you generate photorealistic images and videos.

It also has models that can generate videos from still images. With this tool, you can easily experiment and customize your preferred AI models to ensure they match your project needs.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Creator is another new AI tool that utilizes the DeepDream algorithm by Google to generate trippy, dreamlike video animations from images. It’s a simple tool that will turn your still images into mesmerizing video animations within minutes.


Created by OpenAI, DALL-E primarily focuses on creating images from text prompts. However, its animation capabilities can potentially be modified to generate video sequences from textual prompts, and this endeavor requires some creative testing.

Final Thoughts

Because the creation of videos from still images is a fairly new phenomenon, it’s important to find an AI tool that has all the needed capabilities to generate professional videos that you can use for your content creation projects. When choosing your AI art generator for video creation, you need to consider several key factors including ease of use, quality of output, customization options, and other special features that you may need for your video generation. This is why NightCafe stands out!

Lastly, be sure to obtain the necessary rights and permissions for the images you wish to use in your videos, especially if you’ve acquired them from the internet or other third-party sources to avoid copyright issues.