ClosedAI strikes again

I know you are mostly interested in image generating AI, but I’d like to inform you about new restrictive things happening right now.
It is mostly about language models (GPT3, ChatGPT, Bing, CharacterAI), but affects AI and AGI sphere, and purposefully targeting open source projects. There’s no guarantee this won’t be used against the image generative AIs.

Here’s a new paper by OpenAI about required restrictions by the government to prevent “AI misuse” for a general audience, like banning open source models, AI hardware (videocards) limitations etc.

Basically establishing an AI monopoly for a megacorporations.

So while we have some time, we must spread the information about the inevitable global AI dystopia and dictatorship.

This video was supposed to be a meme, but it looks like we are heading exactly this way

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