Expanding Our Leadership Team: Meet Some Of Our New Team Members 

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, Stability AI is thrilled to welcome new senior leaders who will help support our continued growth, innovation and business momentum. These strategic hires, drawn from technology companies such as Google, AWS, Twitter, Uber, and IBM, will play a key role in building on our momentum as we work toward shaping the future of generative AI in all its applications.

Since March, we’ve increased our headcount by 30 percent and launched nearly two dozen new products, including text-to-image language model SDXL 1.0, large language models, and coding assistant StableCode, to name a few. In turn, we’ve struck deals with a number of new clients and partners, including HubSpot, Tome, Jasper, Supermicro, and others, propelling us further on our mission to democratize AI through scale and accessibility of generative technologies. 

Our new hires include Chief People Officer Ozden Onder, Vice President of Communications & Community Jordan Valdés, Vice President of Business Development Scott Trowbridge, and Global Head of Public Policy Ben Brooks. These leaders join the world-class scientific and research team at Stability AI, which is led by Robin Rombach, Joe Penna and Christian Laforte, and who are bringing the leading open multi-modal generative AI models to consumers and enterprises the world over. Recently joining our research and engineering team are Carlos Riquelme, Takuya Akiba, Tim Dockhorn, Axel Sauer, Rahim Entezari, Pablo Pernías, Sumith Kulal, and Dominik Lorenz. Stability AI is managed by a team of seasoned executives, including Chief Technology Officer Tom Mason, General Counsel Adam Avrunin, Chief Financial Officer Peter O’Donoghue, and many others, all under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Emad Mostaque. 

It is a great honor to add this caliber of talent to our incredible team. In addition to the scientific breakthroughs and the subsequent tools we have brought to people and professionals around the world, we are also honored to have been named one of  TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies.

As we accelerate into our second year, we’re committed to expanding the possibilities that AI holds for enterprises and individuals the world over and to hold to our commitment that with evolution occurs responsibly. In turn, we recently joined other industry leaders for the White House-sponsored red-teaming event at DEF CON 31, featuring Stability AI’s language models. The findings will help Stability AI and the community build safer AI models and demonstrate the importance of independent evaluation for AI safety and accountability. By working together to establish these guardrails, we can bring the transformative benefits of AI to the world. We’re excited to welcome this talented group of leaders to help realize this mission and are eager to see the many ways each of these new leaders will help us extend the significant impacts of generative AI.