Five AI Personalization Tools to Watch

Understanding customers’ individual needs and preferences has never been more critical for businesses striving to stay ahead in the competitive market. Marketing personalization is no longer nice to have. It’s a must-have for brands looking to optimize conversions and build customer loyalty. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), marketers now have a powerful arsenal of AI personalization tools at their disposal to deliver tailored online experiences. 

Five AI personalization tools digital marketers should have on their radar 

AI personalization involves using advanced computer technologies and large language models to create personalized experiences for customers or prospects at scale. Brands use personalization to give customers a better, more impactful experience. We outline five AI personalization tools that can help you drive stronger engagement with your customers. Many are integrated with Persado. Most are widely used by Persado customers in tandem with Persado Motivation AI. 

One pain point many of these AI personalization tools address is the need for data consolidation or a more centralized approach to customer data. Many businesses still find their customer data siloed across various tools and teams making it less usable. A more centralized data approach allows brands to further improve marketing and customer experiences by better using the insights they already have.  

1. Persado Motivation AI

Overview: Persado Motivation AI is an enterprise Generative AI for text solution that provides brands with both efficiency and efficacy gains. While most Generative AI solutions generate output quickly and at scale, Persado Motivation AI also offers better business outcomes while delivering on brand messages.. Persado’s specialized large language model is trained to generate messages that motivate customers to act. Built on a knowledge base that includes 10+ years of language from Fortune 500 marketing campaigns, Persado delivers high campaign performance for businesses across retail, e-commerce, financial services, travel, consumer technology, and other industries.

Key features: 

2. MessageGears

Overview: MessageGears is a warehouse-native customer engagement platform built for enterprise brands. It connects directly to an organization’s data to enable brands to deliver superior marketing segmentation, cross-channel customer engagement, message personalization, and compelling customer experiences at scale. MessageGears eliminates disjointed customer experiences caused by siloed tools. Instead, brands can easily access customer information in real time without the added time and costs of data movement. MessageGears serves brands across various industries including retail, travel & hospitality, technology, and finance. 

Key features: 

  • Advanced audience segmentation.
  • Bulk message processing.
  • Eliminates data lag and data security issues.
  • Streamlines 1:1 conversations across a database of millions.

3. Klaviyo

Overview: Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that enables brands to leverage customer data to achieve faster growth. It allows brands to connect seamlessly with customers across channels including email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews. The Klaviyo CDP stores, consolidates, manages, and analyzes customer data to deliver deeper personalization and better online experiences. AI tools are embedded throughout the platform to enable behavior forecasting, personalized product feeds, and sending optimization. Klaviyo works with brands across retail and e-commerce, wellness, and restaurants.

Key features: 

  • Additional support from in-house Klaviyo experts and agency partners.
  • Over 300 pre-built integrations, including with Persado.
  • Real-time data for more precise customer segmentation, zero coding, data scientists, or developers needed.
  • A unified view of performance and ROI across channels.

4. Marigold

Overview: Marigold is a multi-purpose platform with a unique approach to relationship marketing. Their solutions are designed around an organization’s specific size, industry, goals, and maturity. Brands receive a combination of technology and expertise to enhance customer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty across the customer journey. Marigold integrates with Persado as well as with third-party e-commerce, CRM, mobile, and display partners systems. Marigold works across a vast range of businesses and industries, from SMB to enterprise encompassing financial services, higher education, retail, media, non-profits, travel & hospitality, and more. 

Key features:

  • AI and machine learning algorithms deliver content recommendations in real-time based on behavioral and contextual data. 
  • Centralized subscriber data. 
  • Marigold technology experts offer comprehensive consulting and implementation services. 
  • Mutually beneficial and engaging zero party data acquisition capabilities. 

5. Bloomreach

Overview: Bloomreach personalizes the online shopping experience using real-time customer and product data. This AI-powered e-commerce personalization solution enables marketing automation, product discovery, content management, and conversational shopping across the digital shopping experience. Bloomreach enables personalized shopping experiences throughout retail, travel & hospitality, beauty, and food & beverage. 

Key features:

  • 130+ integrations, including with Persado. 
  • Loomi, self-learning AI, fuels connected and personalized customer journeys at scale across Bloomreach’s products including Marketing Automation, Product Discovery, and Headless Content. 
  • 33 patents related to e-commerce search. 
  • Simplifies data-driven marketing with a flexible all-in-one platform. 

What is AI personalization?

AI personalization uses customer data including demographics, browsing behavior, purchase history, and social media interactions to better understand customer needs and preferences. Brands use insights across the digital customer journey to optimize digital marketing content, product recommendations, segment marketing, and online shopping experiences. 

How is AI used for personalization?

AI personalization helps brands scale their creative efforts and strategy more efficiently. It can pick up on customer behavior patterns more quickly and effectively than humans can, often processing billions of data points in a few milliseconds. AI, particularly Generative AI, can instantly create on-brand copy, images, video, audio, and more, based on prompts. This gives brands the ability to enhance their digital marketing personalization efforts using content tailored specifically for the marketing segments and digital channels to which brands cater. 

When brands achieve marketing personalization in a scalable and sustainable manner, brands enhance conversions, customer loyalty, and ROI. According to research from Twilio, 56% of consumers say they will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience. 92% of businesses are using AI-driven personalization to drive growth. 

How is AI used in personalized shopping?

AI is used to personalize the online shopping experience across every stage of the customer journey. Examples include AI-optimized messaging, AI-powered chatbot marketing, open time email campaigns, journey orchestration, product recommendations, and personalized website experiences. 

To personalize the online shopping experience, AI not only creates personalized content for various customer segments and channels, but also identifies which customer segment is best for each customer based on their browsing behavior and other data. AI auto-personalization quickly analyzes visitor data to group customers into the correct segments. Once the AI identifies the ideal segments, it serves up the right content to the right customer. This encourages optimal engagement and conversions.

What is an example of AI personalization?

AI-powered product recommendations are a prime example of AI personalization. Tailored product recommendations shoppers find in emails or across e-commerce websites are more accurate and engaging than ever before thanks to complex machine learning algorithms that leverage customer insights to generate personalized product recommendations in real time. These product recommendations are even more effective when paired with AI-optimized messaging to further inspire conversions

Netflix has perfected the AI-powered product recommendation with the Netflix Recommendation Engine (NRE). It uses algorithms to analyze each user’s viewing history to generate personalized movie and TV show recommendations based on their preferences.  

Get personal with AI personalization tools

AI-powered personalization tools offer opportunities for businesses to elevate their marketing strategies and drive meaningful connections with their audience. From groundbreaking language generation platforms to predictive modeling tools, each solution brings unique capabilities to the table, empowering marketers to unlock new levels of engagement and revenue growth. With data privacy concerns on the rise, it’s important that brands approach AI personalization with the utmost transparency. 

So, whether you’re a retailer, a financial service provider, or a travel brand, embracing AI personalization tools is the key to staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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