Is Civitai really all there is?

I’ve been searching for alternative websites and model sources, and it appears that Civitai is truly all there is.

Civitai has a ton, but it looks like models can just get nuked from the website without warning.

Huggingface’s GUI is too difficult, so it appears most model creators don’t even bother using it (which they should for redundancy).

TensorArt locks a bunch of models behind a paywall.

LibLibAI seems impossible to download models from unless you live in China.

4chan’s various stable diffusion generals lead to outdated wikis and models.

Discord is unsearchable from the surface internet, and I haven’t even bothered with it yet.

Basically, the situation looks pretty dire. For games and media there is an immense preservation effort with forums, torrents, and redundant download links, but I can’t find anything like that for AI models.

TL;DR: Are there any English/Japanese/Chinese/Korean/etc. backup forums or model sources, or does everything burn to the ground if Civitai goes away?

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