It’s beginning to feel like Rule 1 no longer exists in this sub.

Rule 1 – All posts must be Stable Diffusion related.

Then why are 75%+ of the top-rated posts something to do with Kling, Luma, Suno, Sora, or Runway? This is supposed to be a community dedicated to an open-source tool, but we are being inundated with promotion by corporations producing closed-source products, that I imagine a good chunk of this community have little to no interest in and will never use.

There are generalist AI subreddits out there these companies can promote their products on. We HAVE existing tools for animation and video that work with Stable Diffusion and existing UIs.

The moderators need to do their jobs and actually enforce Rule 1.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m actually getting sick of this place being spammed with advertisements and I am nearly ready to just unsubscribe and try to find a better, healthier subreddit to discuss Stable Diffusion.

And look, mods, I know that it is exhausting to deal with this shit. I’m a Reddit mod, too, for a sub 3x this size. We get loads of ads and corporate shenanigans, too. It doesn’t mean we lay down and get run over by these companies. We do everything in our power to enforce the rules and keep our community dedicated to its purpose.

You should, too.

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