Persado Essential Motivation Brings Motivation AI to More Marketers with Self-Service Option

Introducing Persado Essential Motivation, the first self-service Generative AI language hub for digital marketers across industries designed to motivate consumer response actions. It allows marketing teams to generate the highest-performing digital marketing language in real time, proven to inspire consumers to take action. Now, more marketers than ever can use the Persado Motivation AI knowledge base built from over a decade of leveraging AI to learn how language motivates response with Fortune 500 brands. 

Using Essential Motivation, marketers can utilize Motivation AI to create messages and deploy to their marketing delivery platforms within minutes. Motivation AI is a specialized class of enterprise Generative AI that enables digital teams to generate and improve digital marketing messaging based on performance (i.e. conversions). The platform immediately delivers brand voice compliance and marketing language that performs across digital channels, audience segments, and stages of the customer journey. 

How can brands utilize Persado Essential Motivation? 

The Persado Motivation AI Platform is different from other large language models such as ChatGPT that have been trained on large internet datasets applying to a wide variety of tasks. Motivation AI is trained on a specialized dataset of real customer interactions from 150 million U.S.-based consumers. It is continually retrained as it measures emotional response and engagement. 

Essential Motivation is the latest product built on Persado’s award-winning Generative AI platform. Its self-service model allows for a wider range of companies to use Persado Motivation AI to refine their digital marketing messaging based on the aspects of language that drive results. 

Here’s how it works: Essential Motivation users simply select their content needs (i.e. improve your existing creative or generate from scratch using our recommendations). Then quickly generate high-performing and on-brand messages that can be deployed to their platforms using one of our 20+ integrations. The AI will continuously learn and provide better content recommendations. The users can also collaborate with their internal creative and/or legal teams for approvals using our workflow collaboration capabilities. 

Additional Motivation AI offerings in Persado’s suite of enterprise Generative AI solutions include:

  • Elite Motivation: Enables brands to leverage Motivation AI to conduct machine learning experiments that drive superior performance and reveal deep language insights across email, web, SMS, and social media.
  • Dynamic Motivation: Serves personalized marketing language in real time on landing pages, website banners/buttons, and email. When used to deliver dynamic, personalized messaging in the online cart, Dynamic Motivation reduces cart abandonment, resulting in a 3-5% increase in e-commerce revenue. 

How is Essential Motivation different from other Generative AI self-service options? 

Essential Motivation effectively delivers on a marketer’s KPIs. While other Generative AI solutions efficiently produce copy based on a prompt, Persado Essential Motivation harnesses both the efficiency and effectiveness of Motivation AI to an even larger market. 

Persado Motivation AI knowledge base has billions of performance metrics from real Fortune 500 campaigns

How does Persado generate the world’s most accurate performance predictions? 

Persado generates the most accurate performance predictions because our Motivation AI knowledge base is built on over a decade of real digital marketing campaign performance metrics. Unlike other options that collect data directly from the internet, Persado performance prediction scores are rooted in the enterprise digital marketing language that has already driven conversions in the market. Other self-serve Generative AI solutions do not track or take business results (i.e. sales, bookings, upgrades, sign ups, completed applications, etc.) into account. 

Persado Essential Motivation uses Generative AI to create the high-performing copy for a push notification

Persado Essential Motivation delivers content that is brand compliant and high performing through key features that enhance CRM functionality:

  • Results-based AI-generated language: Digital marketers can generate digital marketing messaging from scratch or enhance the copy they already have across many digital channels including subject lines, whole emails, web pages, SMS, push notifications, social ads, and Google ads. 
  • Outputs aligned with brand voice: Incorporate your brand voice by adding keywords, examples, and selecting our recommended hints that support your brand style and campaign goals. 
  • The world’s most accurate performance predictions: Predictive content is a digital marketer’s best friend. Persado generates the most accurate performance predictions in the industry based on our vast Motivation AI knowledge base. Our prediction scores are rooted in real testing with over 33M+ messages and counting.
  • Fast results: Instantly generate emotionally engaging, high-performing language and drive value across the digital journey and gather actionable insights in seconds. 
  • Customized to your unique content goals: Recommended “hints” can include seasonal promotions, sales/discounts, product features, brand voice keywords, promotional considerations (i.e. free shipping, new product launch, limited time offer, and more). 
  • Unlimited content and users: There are no limits to how much messaging you can create nor to how many Essential Motivation users a brand can have. 
  • Continuous learning insights: The only system built from over a decade of real-world performance-based language testing that continues to update. Use Persado insights to scale and improve your content development across many channels: email batch, email triggers, mobile SMS, mobile push, social media, search, and web.
  • Integrations for most web platforms and ESPs: Our closed loop system integrates directly with your martech stack to seamlessly push out the highest-performing messaging to web, email, marketing platforms, and more. It’s the only self-serve Generative AI hub with 20+ ESP integrations for instant launch. 
  • High-performance language achieves revenue-driving goals: Persado allows brands to optimize language toward specific revenue goals such as sales, bookings, new customer acquisitions, completed applications, sign ups, and other customer actions that directly drive revenue. 
  • Enterprise security and privacy certifications: Persado continuously enforces appropriate information security measures, in line with industry-leading security standards and increasingly-rigid regulatory requirements. 

Essential Motivation 30-day trial  

Try Persado Essential Motivation risk-free for 30 days. The 30-day trial includes unlimited content and unlimited users – no constraints or commitments. After the trial, customers can choose from one of our flexible plans. The solution easily integrates with 20+ martech stacks, including Google and Adobe Analytics, ESPs, and more. Request your trial

For more on Persado Essential Motivation, request a trial or check out the module on Essential Motivation in the Persado Academy

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