/r/StableDiffusion will be going dark on June 12th to support open API access for 3rd-party apps on Reddit

What’s going on?

For over 15 years, Reddit has provided a powerful API that has been the foundation for countless tools and platforms developed by and for the community, from your favorite bots to critical spam detection and moderation tools to popular third-party browsers that provide a superior user experience on a wide variety of devices. Fans of Stable Diffusion should understand better than most the importance and the potential of open systems like these.

Just recently, however, Reddit has announced a number of deeply unpopular changes to this API that will have some extremely damaging effects on this open ecosystem:

Worse, if these changes go through, they will be laying the groundwork for further closure of Reddit’s open platform — think the end of Old Reddit, shutdown of RSS feeds, or permanent breakage of critical tools like Mod Toolbox or Reddit Enhancement Suite. A world where you interact with Reddit through their bloated, ad-ridden, data-tracking official app, or not at all. And all to increase the value of Reddit’s upcoming IPO.

What are we doing about it?

We’re standing with the developers and users affected by this greedy and shortsighted decision, hardworking people who have contributed more to Reddit’s growth than just about anybody else. To this end, we will be shutting the subreddit down on June 12th until the following goals are addressed:

  1. Lower the price of API calls to a level that’s affordable to third-party developers.

  2. Communicate on a more open and timely basis about changes to Reddit which will affect large numbers of moderators and users.

  3. To allow mods to continue keeping Reddit safe for all users, NSFW data must remain available through the API.

More information:


For mods: /r/ModCoord


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