Stability AI releases Stable Animation SDK, a powerful text-to-animation tool for developers

Today Stability AI, the world’s leading open-source artificial intelligence company, releases Stable Animation SDK, a tool designed for artists and developers to implement the most advanced Stable Diffusion models to generate stunning animations.

Users can create animations in various ways: through prompts (without images), a source image, or a source video.

With Stability AI’s animation endpoint, artists have the ability to use all the Stable Diffusion models, including Stable Diffusion 2.0 and Stable Diffusion XL, to generate animations.

We offer three ways to create animations:

  1. Text to animation: Users input a text prompt (as with Stable Diffusion) and tweak various parameters to produce an animation.

  2. Text input + initial image input: Users provide an initial image that acts as the starting point of their animation. A text prompt is used in conjunction with the image to produce the final output animation.

  3. Input video + text input: Users provide an initial video to base their animation on. By tweaking various parameters, they arrive at a final output animation that is additionally guided by a text prompt.

Please find more information on our developer platform.

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