Stable Diffusion v2-1-unCLIP model released

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unCLIP is the approach behind OpenAI’s DALL·E 2, trained to invert CLIP image embeddings. We finetuned SD 2.1 to accept a CLIP ViT-L/14 image embedding in addition to the text encodings. This means that the model can be used to produce image variations, but can also be combined with a text-to-image embedding prior to yield a full text-to-image model at 768×768 resolution.

If you would like to try a demo of this model on the web, please visit

This model essentially uses an input image as the ‘prompt’ rather than require a text prompt. It does this by first converting the input image into a ‘CLIP embedding’, and then feeds this into a stable diffusion 2.1-768 model fine-tuned to produce an image from such CLIP embeddings, enabling a users to generate multiple variations of a single image this way. Note that this is distinct from how img2img does it (the structure of the original image is generally not kept).

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