Switching from kohyass to onetrainer has changed my life

First all , big credit to bmaltais for making something as awesome and feature rich as kohya ss. And I see him replying multiple times to issues and breakages in the past in a very professional way and with a helpful attitude.

That being said my training times took LITERAL DAYS sometimes at 45s/it and sometimes 130s/it. And finally now the GitHub build has been broken for 1.5 users and I have spent 3 days reinstalling things.

Now to the actual point , I sought out alternatives and found OneTrainer and have trained more than 5 loras in half a day , the speed is amazing (1.21s/it!!) and the outputs are consistent with kohya.

This post is for folks who are in the same boat with me , struggling with the magic combo of nvidia drivers, bnb version, Accel configs , pytorch version needed for kohya to work. Not for those training on paid online servers or those who have no issues and are already getting good speed from kohya ss .( good for you and yes I am jealous).

My hardware : 3060 single gpu

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