Why Corporations Shouldn’t Wait to Implement Digital Marketing AI

AI is no longer an emerging concept or technology. The AI revolution is here. Yet, many corporations still sit on the sidelines or get sidetracked in the exploration phase. This often results in companies delaying digital marketing AI adoption or choosing not to use it to its full advantage. 

As budgets become more rigid, priorities change frequently, and technology choices proliferate, it’s no wonder that some companies are facing challenges in their ability to adopt new technology. This is especially true for technologies that are still in their infancy, such as digital marketing AI. However, the long term cost of not adopting AI in digital marketing right now could be much higher than implementing this nascent technology across digital marketing campaigns. 

5 reasons not to delay adopting digital marketing AI

There are many key considerations large corporations and buying committees need to make before implementing any new technology, especially AI. It’s best practice to make a diligent decision that takes into account ROI, ease of use, billing options, integrations, impact on the martech stack, and more. While it might seem like a cost-saving measure in the short term to put GenAI into your “not now” category, in the long run, brands take a big step back by waiting and miss out on strategic opportunities to drive growth and optimize operations. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Competition 

How long would it take you to catch up if your competition suddenly became more productive? When implemented correctly using the right data and ongoing human collaboration, AI makes digital operations more efficient and should make them more effective too. If one person is mowing five miles of grass with a push lawn mower and another person is doing so with a riding lawn mower, it’s obvious who will finish first and end up with a nicer lawn. The same is true with AI. Companies that use AI in digital marketing accomplish the same tasks faster, better, and easier leaving them ample time and resources to accomplish even more. So if the competition implements AI, they are going to be miles ahead of the company that is holding off AI adoption in marketing. 

Persado Motivation AI, a specialized class of Generative AI designed for the performance needs of enterprise marketing teams, doesn’t just make digital marketing more efficient, it also makes it more effective by generating the highest-performing digital marketing messaging already proven to drive conversions.  

2. Personalized customer experiences 

Brands drive more conversions when they “speak” to customers through personalized online experiences and deliver content personalization at scale. However, when companies use third-party data to drive personalization, they end up with the same overused customer experiences that every other company is offering. Such data is also static. It doesn’t change when customer behaviors or preferences change, making it impossible to achieve real-time personalization.

AI gives companies the ability to create personalized digital experiences that are unique to their brand. 

Since much of these AI-enabled experiences are based on browsing behavior, preferences, buying history, etc. of various customer segments, they change as customer behavior changes. Persado Dynamic Motivation, for example, uses the brand session data and Generative AI to serve personalized language in the online shopping cart to inspire individuals to complete their purchase. While one shopper might see “You have excellent taste!” another will get “Your basket is ready.” This personalized messaging in the online cart has reduced cart abandonment and increases online revenue by as much as 3-5%. 

While personalization and segment marketing is possible without AI, it isn’t as efficient or effective. Brands that want to stand out, drive long term customer loyalty, and convert new customers need to use AI marketing tools to give customers the digital experiences to motivate such behavior.

3. Customer insights 

Brands that don’t use AI in marketing miss out on significant opportunities to get to know their customers. When marketing teams don’t fully understand their audiences, they risk running promotions that don’t resonate with them. This can happen for various reasons, including having too little data, outdated data, or the wrong data. AI knowledge bases are vast and are constantly learning. As a result, AI provides brands with more accurate and detailed insights into customers and various customer segments in real time. 

Find out how Persado Motivation AI helped Kate Spade better understand their customers and switch away from digital marketing language that isn’t optimistic. 

4. Scalability

Enterprise brands can’t create impactful online experiences across various channels or stages of the online customer journey or gain insights into their customers at scale without the help of AI. According to the Harvard Business Review, AI can scale creativity and strategy, expanding human ingenuity to wider audiences. Generative AI creates content faster and at higher volumes. This allows brands to scale with fresh content across channels and experiment with more content to see what drives the most conversions. Brands can also generate more content for specific audience segments, i.e., personalization at scale

5. Career development 

In the near future, AI experience will be essential to marketers and e-commerce professionals. Digital marketing leaders looking to grow their careers shouldn’t wait to learn the ins and outs of AI in digital marketing. While Generative AI won’t replace copywriters, a copywriter who knows how to collaborate with GenAI will replace one with no AI experience. AI doesn’t just future-proof marketing campaigns. It also future-proofs marketing careers. According to Fortune, professionals skilled in prompt engineering are expected to be in high demand for high salary roles as more employers adopt Generative AI.  

In a competitive digital marketplace, where consumers are exposed to thousands of ads in a single day, it’s vital that brands fast track AI adoption in digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition, grow their customer base, garner and incorporate customer insights, and provide the online experiences customers want–all at scale. AI isn’t just nice to have for marketing teams. It’s central to organizations looking to make digital marketing campaigns faster, better, and more effective. 

For more on how to consider your next enterprise Generative AI purchase, check out The CMO’s Guide to Achieving Impact With Generative AI and our ebook on 5 Capabilities Businesses Need for Optimum Generative AI Impact. Persado offers a no-risk trial so you can see for yourself the benefits you’ll gain. 

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