Built-with Google AI: Meet Vivien, EPAM’s digital assistant with the power of Google Cloud gen AI

Businesses are under increased pressure to do more with less, while customer expectations and demands have never been higher. Today’s enterprises need a way to be more productive, effective, and responsive while still addressing the operational challenges of cost containment, risk reduction, security, and compliance.

Google Cloud partner of 15 years, EPAM Systems, a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, aims to address these challenges with Vivien, a digital metahuman that the company introduced at Google Cloud Next ’23.

Meet Vivien – EPAM Virtual Digital Assistant

1 Meet Vivien

Using the power of generative AI, Vivien, a state-of-the-art Digital Human, is built on the powerful combination of Unreal Engine and Vertex AI. Vivian is an end-to-end, secure, and scalable solution that can be configured to any industry or business vertical. Vivien’s appearance and voice can also be customized to portray the customer’s desired image.

Vivien is a modular product, backed by a SaaS solution that customers can deploy within their existing Google Cloud environment in their dedicated tenant. Vivien’s capabilities as a digital assistant allow for interaction with customers in a variety of ways including voice and text. Vivien can be further configured to have a specific personality, to search and summarize structured and unstructured data, and has the ability to integrate with Looker to provide visual analytics and actionable insights.

Use-cases: Challenges and solutions

Vivien’s capabilities are designed to address a wide range of customer challenges related to efficiency, task management, personalization, and decision-making. Benefits include:

  • Personalization: Ability to learn user preferences leads to tailored recommendations and responses, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and helpful information possible.
  • Integration: Vivien is integrated with Vertex AI, providing a reliable and robust digital assistant experience that is scalable and secure.
  • Insightful analysis: Data-driven insights help users make informed decisions. By leveraging Vivien’s analytical capabilities, users can gain deeper understanding from complex datasets.

Examples of Vivien’s benefits across specific industries include:

  • Healthcare: Contribute to patient care by utilizing data-driven insights to enhance safety and efficacy.
  • Finance: Enhance investment strategies and risk management with Vivien’s predictive analytics.
  • Retail: Build promotion strategies, analyze marketing campaigns, onboard new employees, and create shopper experience assistant solutions to increase loyalty.

Incorporating Vivien into a customer’s ecosystem offers advantages, from tailored personalization to tight integration and insightful analysis. Offerings include:

  • Natural conversations: Engage in seamless, human-like dialogues with Vivien. Her advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills ensure effortless interactions.
  • Simplified task management: Easily assign tasks to Vivien. Whether it’s scheduling appointments or retrieving data, it serves as your virtual assistant in streamlining daily operations.
  • In-depth data analysis: Leveraging Vivien’s data analysis capabilities, gain valuable insights from complex datasets for making well-informed decisions.

How Vivien works

Vertex AI Conversation is a key component of Vivien, which provides the conversational engine that powers the platform’s many features. Vertex AI Conversation provides a single powerful platform for building conversational AI solutions that use Generative AI on Vertex AI. This combination of technologies allows the creation of virtual agents that can understand and respond to natural language in a human-like way, even for complex or difficult requests.

2 Meet Vivien

Enterprise search capabilities based on corporate structured and unstructured data

Vivien is a multi-domain chatbot that can be configured to meet the needs of any business. Customers can configure Vivien’s personality, tone, and language to match their brand. They can also provide Vivien with access to data from their Cloud Storage environment, BigQuery, Jira, and intranet data so that Vivien can answer questions, provide summarization, and links to the resources used for the responses.

Sentiment analysis, responsible AI Integration, masking language corpus

Using Unreal Engine and custom natural language processing (NLP) sentiment analysis, Vivien achieves a lifelike representation that pushes the boundaries of digital personas. The appearance is highly authentic, blurring the line between virtual and reality.

Considerations and tradeoffs

While generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the customer experience, there are also a number of challenges worthy of addressing.

When using generative AI, a key concern is reliability. To ensure trustworthy and accurate results from large language models (LLMs), Vivien applies constraints and guardrails. These measures ensure that the results are grounded in reliable evidence and logically sound explanations. Vivien’s approach prevents the generation of answers without grounding them in human-approved domain models or credible evidence, thus reducing the risk of hallucinations.

Businesses looking to embrace the potential of generative AI should begin by educating themselves about the technology and experimenting with its applications to enhance the customer experience. Finally, it’s crucial for businesses to prioritize the development of policies and procedures for the responsible use of generative AI.

Vivien’s solution, powered by Google Cloud Generative AI on Vertex AI, addresses industry-specific challenges, and enhances outcomes. In healthcare, Vivien elevates patient care, optimizes investment strategies in finance, and boosts customer loyalty in retail. Vivien delivers efficient, personalized, and data-driven results.

Better together

EPAM and Google Cloud’s 15-year partnership blends innovative technology and services. By leveraging our combined strengths in large language models, cloud-based solutions, and AI technology, we are driving innovation and delivering transformative solutions to our customers. This collaboration aligns perfectly with EPAM’s core values and innovation strategy, enabling us to push the boundaries of technology and make a real impact on our customers’ businesses.

Partnering with Google Cloud allows EPAM to leverage their expertise with LLMs and cloud-based solutions while focusing on their unique AI technology for deep content understanding and sophisticated logical reasoning.

Learn more about Google Cloud’s open and innovative generative AI partner ecosystem. Read more about the partnership between EPAM and Google Cloud here and request additional information here.