Is this sub losing track?

When I first followed this sub it grabbed my attention immediately with the quality of content and meaningful interaction, whether it’s the papers or tips or the general AI conversation

Recently at a steap curve it started to become a showroom for nsfw content and low effort posts, even though the rules prohibit them. One form of that is to draw attention to generic image generation question by attaching an irrelevant nsfw picture

I don’t see this useful in any way. In fact, allowing this will keep diluting the value that the actual sub audience are seeking, and will attract more nsfw droolers who never have enough

I highly encourage to clean up this mess and keep this sub tidy. Let’s stick to our purpose

Personally, I report any low effort post and particularly nsfw content. I suggest everyone do the same. Yet, our reports are worthless if the mods don’t act upon them

Thank you SD mods and community for listening

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