Promotional Megathread

Howdy! u/Sandcheezy here to bring another update to the sub as we see it grow and change in directions.

Lately, there has been a big increase in self promotions and/or marketing that contribute almost nothing to the community here. Sometimes straight up daily spam. Now, the community has done well with reporting and downvoting by those knights that sort by new.

To reduce community and moderation attention, self promotions/marketing may be placed in this megathread. Feel free to post anything you’d like in this post such as youtube, twitter, instagram, websites, etc.

We will continue to be relaxed with developments such as UI, extension, Lora, model releases/updates, or tutorials being posted outside of this megathread, (especially with SDXL coming out any day now).

However, paid or free sites for image generations must go in here.

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