Stability AI makes its Stable Diffusion models available on Amazon’s new Bedrock service

Today Stability AI, the world’s leading open source artificial intelligence company, announces a strategic business alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud provider, to make its Stable Diffusion imaging models and upcoming Stable suite of foundation models accessible to AWS customers.

Stability AI announced this collaboration in conjunction with AWS’s announcement of Amazon Bedrock, a new fully managed service that makes foundation models from Stability AI, other leading AI startups, and Amazon accessible via an API.

“I’m excited to strengthen our ongoing partnership with AWS by making our Stable suite of open models available to AWS customers through Amazon Bedrock. This collaboration with AWS is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge open artificial intelligence solutions that can help businesses make more informed decisions and achieve greater stability in an ever-changing world,” said Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI.

“We believe that this partnership will unlock significant value for our customers, and we look forward to working closely together to bring these powerful capabilities to a wider audience.”

Amazon Bedrock is a scalable, reliable, and secure fully managed service that allows customers to quickly integrate foundation models into their applications, without having to manage infrastructure, incur large costs, or put their data at risk. With Bedrock’s serverless experience, customers can easily find the model that’s best suited for their use case, get started quickly, privately customize foundation models (FMs) with their own data, and easily integrate and deploy them into their applications using the AWS tools and capabilities they are familiar with (including integrations with Amazon SageMaker ML features like Experiments to test different models and Pipelines to manage their FMs at scale). 

Bedrock enables customers to secure their valuable IP without compromising performance and integration into third parties. Bedrock is currently in limited preview and you can learn more about its capabilities on the Amazon Bedrock website.

This week Stability AI also unveiled its Stable Diffusion XL beta model, available to enterprise customers through its API, which excels in photorealism and offers enhanced imaging capabilities. SDXL, which is slated for an open source release, is one of several foundation models from Stability AI that will be available on Bedrock.

“We are excited to bring industry-leading foundation models, including Stability AI’s suite of text-to-image Stable Diffusion models, to our customers building generative AI applications on AWS,” said Atul Deo, general manager, Amazon Bedrock, AWS. “With API access to Stable Diffusion, the most popular imaging tool of its kind, customers can easily add image generation capabilities to their applications and start creating unique, realistic, high-quality images, art, logos, and designs for their business.”

About Stability AI

Stability AI is the world’s leading open source generative artificial intelligence company, collaborating with public and private sector partners to bring next generation infrastructure to a global audience. Headquartered in London with developers across the globe, Stability AI’s open source ethos provides the definitive path for cutting-edge research in imaging, language, code, audio, video, 3D content, design, biotech and other scientific studies. For more information, visit