Stability AI Previews Enhanced Image Offerings: APIs for Business & New Product Features

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) lends incredible tools to create, inspire, and bring ideas to life. As the leading, independent, open, and multimodal GenAI company, Stability AI is excited to share updates regarding our next generation text-to-image products, featuring private previews of upcoming business offerings, including enterprise-grade APIs and new image enhancement capabilities. Stability AI continues to innovate and bring creative storytellers the tools they need, while doubling-down on our heritage product – beautiful images – better, cheaper, and faster (and now in 3D!). Today, we are rolling out:

Sky Replacer

Sky Replacer is an exciting new tool that allows users to replace the color and aesthetic of the sky in their original photos with a selection of nine alternatives to improve the overall look and feel of the image. While anyone can use Sky Replacer, we thoughtfully built it with industries like real estate in mind, allowing realtors and professionals to showcase their listings in the best possible conditions, and avoid delays in property listings due to unfavorable weather. This tool can effortlessly replace a dull or overcast day with a selection of stunning sunsets, picturesque clear days, or blooming clouds to increase the visual appeal of any property or image to attract more potential buyers. Sky Replacer can be used by any professional – in any industry – who is looking to enhance their outdoor image(s) by swapping out sky dynamics. 

Sky Replacer is part of an incredible suite of tools now available to consumers, showcasing the incredible power of convenience and quality of Stability AI to assist and aid in a wide variety of professional industries, empowering individuals to have greater impact and efficiency with a quick and user-friendly interface, and without the need for extensive training.

Stable 3D Private Preview: a whole new dimension! 

For graphic designers, digital artists and game developers, 3D content creation can be among the most complex and time-consuming tasks, often taking hours – sometimes days – to create a moderately complex 3D object. Stability AI is pleased to introduce a private preview of Stable 3D, an automatic process to generate concept-quality textured 3D objects that eliminates much of that complexity and allows a non-expert to generate a draft-quality 3D model in minutes, by selecting an image or illustration, or writing a text prompt. Objects created with Stable 3D are delivered in the “.obj” standard file format, and can be further edited and improved in 3D tools like Blender and Maya, or imported in a game engine, such as Unreal Engine 5 or Unity.

Stable 3D levels the playing field for independent designers, artists and developers, enabling them to create thousands of 3D objects per day at very little cost. To request access for Stable 3D private preview, please visit

This scene and all these models were created from text prompts and generated in a few hours.

Stable FineTuning Private Preview

The long-awaited Stable FineTuning provides enterprises and developers the ability to fine-tune pictures, objects, and styles at record speed, all with the ease of a turnkey integration for their applications. FineTuning gives users the ability to customize their pictures into modern digital art, including the addition of stunning landscapes, avatars, and other imaginative creations. This is valuable for employees in the entertainment, gaming, advertising, and marketing industries, which often rely on visuals for sales and brand-building, providing them with a more personalized customer experience. To sign up for this private preview, visit

In line with our commitment to improving transparency in AI-generated content, we have also integrated Content Credentials and invisible watermarking for images generated via the Stability AI API. 

To apply to become one of our exclusive testing partners during this initial phase, visit

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