SUPIR (Super Resolution) – Tutorial to run it locally with around 10-11 GB VRAM

So, with a little investigation it is easy to do I see people asking Patreon sub for this small thing so I thought I make a small tutorial for the good of open-source:

A bit redundant with the github page but for the sake of completeness I included steps from github as well, more details are there:

  1. git clone (Clone the repo)
  2. cd SUPIR (Navigate to dir)
  3. pip install -r requirements.txt (This will install missing packages, but be careful it may uninstall some versions if they do not match, or use conda or venv)
  4. Download SDXL CLIP Encoder-1 (You need the full directory, you can do git clone
  5. Download (just this one file)
  6. Download an SDXL model, Juggernaut works good ( ) No Lightning or LCM
  7. Skip LLaVA Stuff (they are large and requires a lot memory, it basically creates a prompt from your original image but if your image is generated you can use the same prompt)
  8. Download SUPIR-v0Q (
  9. Download SUPIR-v0F (
  10. Modify for the local paths for the SDXL CLIP files you downloaded (directory for CLIP1 and .bin file for CLIP2)
  11. Modify SUPIR_v0.yaml for local paths for the other files you downloaded, at the end of the file, SDXL_CKPT, SUPIR_CKPT_F, SUPIR_CKPT_Q (file location for all 3)
  12. Navigate to SUPIR directory in command line and run “python –use_tile_vae –no_llava –use_image_slider –loading_half_params”

and it should work, let me know if you face any issues.

You can also post some pictures if you want them upscaled, I can upscale for you and upload to

Thanks a lot for authors making this great upscaler available opn-source, ALL CREDITS GO TO THEM!

Happy Upscaling!

Edit: Forgot about modifying paths, added that

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