The future of Looker is powered by AI

Today, we are introducing the preview of Duet AI in Looker, tapping into the full power of Google and our years-long leadership in generative AI to reinvent how you work with and present your data. It’s time to reimagine what business intelligence truly means and go beyond traditional limits that have slowed you down, kept you searching for answers, or forced you down a path of busy work. In addition to these new gen AI capabilities, we are also executing on our vision to be the most open BI tool on the market with new industry partnerships that bring our customers a broader range of ways they can interact with and benefit from their business data. 

The promise of modern business intelligence is that all decision makers can work with data independently in their preferred environment, building upon shared data measures everyone can agree with, sparking smart and insightful visualizations that spawn collaboration across teams. With the announcement of Duet AI in Looker, we continue to break down the barriers that have limited BI penetration through the entire organization – and bring an intelligent analyst to everyone.

Talk to your data, tell it what to build

Last year, we expanded the Looker family to include Looker Studio. We have continued our rapid pace of innovation to include the debut of Looker (Google Cloud core), bringing Looker to the Cloud console, the addition of administrative functionality to Looker Studio Pro, and further bringing Looker Studio and Looker together, with native connectivity, designed to give business users fast access to their data, unifying behind a single source of truth for metrics. The Looker vision is to offer our users the most complete BI product in the industry, and Duet AI in Looker will help us materialize this vision.

Duet AI in Looker builds on these innovations and brings direct integrations to conversational AI and large foundation models that will change the way you work with data — starting with a host of capabilities showcased in our session, What’s New In BI for Today’s GenAI World, at Next ‘23.

Duet AI in Looker.gif
Simple, conversational questions get you insightful, rich answers in seconds.

With Duet AI in Looker, we plan for you to be able to: 

  • Have fast and simple conversations with your data, going beyond questions and answers to drive actions informed by your unique business.

  • Create entire reports or advanced visualizations with only a few sentences of instruction, greatly saving time and minimizing the need for technical expertise.

  • Automatically create brand new Google Slides presentations from your reports with automatically generated summaries.

  • Use natural language to create formulas for calculated fields, transforming the information flowing from your data sources, and use those formulas in your visualizations.

  • Easily generate LookML code using natural language.

Getting insights from your business data should be as easy as asking Google. That is the mission of Looker — instant and insightful, able to alert you when it really matters and guide you to impactful decisions faster than ever, powered by the most important information — yours.

By greatly simplifying the business intelligence experience, you can bring insights to all users in your organization, provide them a speed boost to get answers faster, build reports quicker, and rapidly write code that just works. This mission can redefine what you’ve come to expect from a BI tool and set you on a path to reimagine how you can build your business – with data at the center. And this initial preview is just the beginning of how we’re integrating gen AI capabilities at the heart of Looker.

Expanding the analytics ecosystem with Looker at the center

Today, we are also continuing on our promise to open up our semantic layer – the heart of Looker’s modeling capabilities, to Tableau, in preview, and Microsoft Power BI, in general availability. Tableau users can explore their data with a familiar drag-and-drop experience while tapping into Looker’s modeling layer for standard metrics, while Power BI users can access those centrally defined metrics and data relationships from Looker’s semantic layer through Power BI desktop. These new data connectors add to our existing front-end options, including Looker, Looker Studio, and Connected Sheets for Looker. 

We are partnering with Alteryx to provide Looker Studio users with native access to the Alteryx Designer Cloud for data preparation, and enhanced cloud connectivity, starting with Microsoft Excel and CSV files from storage platforms including Sharepoint and OneDrive.

We are also pleased to announce general availability of our partner integration with Sisu Data, later this quarter. With the combination of Looker and Sisu, customers can determine the root cause of changes, spot data outliers, and identify next steps for analysis. By augmenting analytical workflows with AI-powered analytics, customers can receive significant insights on cloud-scale data in seconds.

The gen AI revolution is propelling our entire world forward, and transforming how we approach all aspects of analyzing, building and sharing data. With Duet AI in Looker, we can tap into the smartest machine ever designed – you – and help accelerate your entire organization to ignite its next discoveries through simple tools.

Chat with your business data and design your future with a product built for it. Contact your Google Cloud representative to learn more.