What ChatGPT Means for You and Your Business

Here is how to prepare for the beginning of the biggest disruption in technology

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm.

They are the fastest technology to reach 1 million users, only taking 5 days to do it. By the end of their first month, they had 100 Million users.

And this is only the beginning.

Let’s take a quick look at what is being disrupted, how, and what you can do about it….

Naturally, this is a BIG topic, so I’ll focus on what is both immediate and highly impactful.

Disrupting How we use the Internet

Think about how you use the internet.

Mostly, we use it for:

  1. Research: get information on a topic (Seach Engines)
  2. Shopping: reviews, comparing prices, etc. (Search Engines & E-commerce Apps)
  3. Entertainment: Youtube, Netflix, Gaming, etc.… (Entertainment Companies, Movie studios, Gaming)
  4. Communication: Including all messaging and social media apps. (Social Media Companies)
  5. Work: Meetings, using apps, creating docs, coding, etc… ( B2B Software Companies)

This overlaps very nicely with how we get this information via Search Engines.

We mostly use Search Engines to:

  • Get Information: “How to cut your own hair”
  • Commercial Products & Services: “Find a car phone holder for a Ford F-150 truck under $20.”
  • Local: Find a car accident lawyer in your local area.
  • Transactional: Find supplements that may help with lower back pain.

How many of these tasks do you think ChatGPT can handle?

Right now, ChatGPT is already killing it in research. It’s one of its main use cases and this is starting to change how we get information online.

1. Disrupting Search & Shopping

Now, this isn’t a shock.

For at least a few years, we have known that Chatbots are coming to Search Engines.

In fact, Google demoed this at the Chatbot Conference about two years ago.

So the first domino to fall will be how we get information.

ChatGPT can handle research and help you find things online. It can even answer product questions and help you decide where to go on vacation.

The main thing it needs is your data. It doesn’t know anything about your preferences, but soon it will.

Once it has a model of its users, their ASL, what stage of life they are in, and what they need and is trained on this type of data, it will become a potent assistant.

Need to buy flowers? Just ask ChatGPT, and soon it will handle all aspects of the transaction.

Forgot your wife’s birthday? ChatGPT will remind you, offer to buy flowers, and book dinner reservations.

Did you need a haircut this afternoon? ChatGPT will automatically find a hairdresser that is available and meets your specifications.

So what happens to discovery?
Right now, 65% of Google searches click on one of the 10 Blue Links on the 1st page of Google. Another 19% click on an ad.

Much of this will be gone.

If your business depends on SEO or Ads, you need to consider new reasons why people should come to your website…

2. Disrupting via Integration

Most of the apps we use daily don’t talk to each other.

Connecting them all together requires using 3rd-party apps like Zapier. The problem is that Zapier is kind of dumb. It doesn’t understand the big picture or how everything is connected.

Soon, ChatGPT will solve this problem. It will connect with all of your essential apps. It will be able to answer questions about your emails, documents, meetings that happened at work, deliverables you owe, update your calendar, and respond to your uncle on Facebook.

ChatGPT will become the middle UX layer for all your apps.

And it will be smart. If you’re sick, it will offer to reschedule your meetings. If your kid gets in trouble at school, it can brief you on what happened and who was involved and suggest how to respond.

Now this poses a big risk for a vast number of apps. The risk is that this turns them into a commodity. After all, if you hardly using them directly, what difference does it make if you use Zapier vs. any other service like it, one calendar app or another.

If your Tech Company can become a commodity, you must rethink your customer relationship.

The Imagination Age

Have you ever thought about what comes after the Information Age?

It’s the Imagination Age, and it starts NOW.

What is the “Imagination Age”?

We will create value through our Imagination. Through our Imagination, we will invent new ways of solving problems and creating novel experiences.

Right now, to execute your vision, you need great Imagination, and technical know-how, and leadership skills, and your solution needs to be economically viable.

That’s a lot of ANDs… and most of us lack in a few of these areas.

Soon, this won’t matter.

AI will take care of all of the technical aspects. It can help you design your UX and write the code for the backend.

Need an artist? Not anymore; tell AI, and it will create all the correct images, videos, and assets that you need for your invention.

What about marketing? It’s got you covered. It can create a marketing strategy and tactics for each step. Then it can execute them by making all your social media posts, videos, email blasts, etc.…

Even if it is a physical product, AI can evaluate it to conform to the laws of physics and engineering and send it to a 3D printer.

This will hit all areas. Soon, we will use words to create videos, movies, and even video games.

We are entering an Age where Imagination will rule the day.

Ultimately, whatever experiences we want to have will be guided by our individual and collective Imagination.

The age of the Artist is upon us.

The Way Forward

If you are reading this, this might be one of the most significant opportunities of your life.

In front of you is a path of unlimited possibilities.

There is so much you can create, so getting started can be daunting.

Here is a quick action plan. This can help with your personal skills and also help your Business.

Step 1: Create a simple app using ChatGPT.

This does not have to be good or elaborate. Spend 1 day doing this. Play around with it.

Step 2: Train ChatGPT on your Data

Gather data that is unique to you or your company.

If you do this solo or don’t have data, consider what you know and create a mind map. Fill in the mind map so that the objects within it have the correct relationships with each other.

Then train the AI on your data.

The custom data can give you a unique version of ChatGPT and allow you to create very personalized, WOW experiences for your customers.

Step 3: Create an Unforgettable Experience

Begin to concentrate on user experiences. If a user can talk to AI, why would they visit your site?

Your site needs to become a great brand. It can become a destination where people go, have unique experiences, even meet each other there, and, in the process, foster a relationship with you, the brand.

Your Brand and Relationship are what can save you…

How to Get Certified in ChatGPT, Dialogflow, and Conversational Design in just 3 Days

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Chatathon 2023

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Day 2 ChatbotGPT Certified Workshops: You will learn about prompt engineering and how to use the API. You will create an app that talks to ChatGPT’s API and gives it instructions based on your designs.

Day 3 Dialogflow Certified Workshop: You’ll import your designs into Dialogflow and connect it to ChatGPT. This will give you bot super powers. It will be ale to answer any questions based on your use case and prompts, and it will be able to take action!

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