Cardiac Clarity: Dr. Keith Channon Talks Revolutionizing Heart Health With AI

Here’s some news to still beating hearts: AI is helping bring some clarity to cardiology. Caristo Diagnostics has developed an AI-powered solution for detecting coronary inflammation in cardiac CT scans. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, Dr. Keith Channon, the Field Marshal Earl Alexander Professor at the University of Oxford, and the cofounder and chief medical officer at the startup, speaks with host Noah Kravtiz about the technology. Called Caristo, it analyzes radiometric features in CT scan data to identify inflammation in the fat tissue surrounding coronary arteries, a key indicator of heart disease. Tune in to learn more about how Caristo uses AI to improve treatment plans and risk predictions by providing physicians with a patient-specific readout of inflammation levels.

Show Notes

1:56: What is ‌Caristo and how does it work?
7:11 The key signal of a heart attack
10:34 How did Channon come up with the idea of using AI to drive breakthroughs?
22:40 How much has the CT scan changed over the years?
26:01: What’s ahead for Caristo?
30:14: How to take care of your own heart health

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