E-Commerce Video Mockups with Hedra

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve often means adopting the latest technologies to engage and attract customers. One such innovation making waves in the industry is the use of generative video AI models. We’ve had the opportunity to explore Hedra’s generative video AI to create interesting video mockups for an online store. Here’s a look at our journey, the results, and some key insights into using Hedra effectively.

Why Video Mockups Matter

Video content has become a cornerstone of modern digital marketing. It captures attention, conveys information quickly, and can significantly boost conversion rates. For e-commerce, video mockups can showcase products in dynamic ways, helping customers visualize their use and benefits more vividly. This is where Hedra comes into play, offering an advanced AI model that can generate high-quality video content tailored to specific needs.

Our Experience with Hedra

Setting Up the Project

Our goal was to create engaging video mockups that highlight our online store’s products in action. Hedra’s generative video AI provided a perfect platform for this task. The setup process was straightforward:

1. Upload Product Images: We started by uploading high-quality images of the products we wanted to feature.

2. Select a Voice: Hedra offers various voices to generate audio based on the script we provided.

3. Customize the Script: We tailored the video scripts to describe the product and align with our brand voice and message.

The Results

The results were impressive. Hedra’s AI generated videos that were visually appealing and professionally polished. However, we noticed that the effectiveness of the videos varied depending on the prominence of the face in the footage.

Best Practices for Using Hedra

Focus on the Face

Hedra works best when the face is the most prominent element in the video. When the AI model can focus on facial features, the generated videos are more realistic and engaging. Here are a few examples:

  1. Product Endorsement: A video where a person is endorsing a product with a close-up shot of their face resulted in a natural and convincing video.

  2. User Testimonials: Videos featuring customers sharing their experiences with the products, again with a focus on their faces, were highly effective.

Avoid Full Body Shots

On the other hand, when we tried to create videos where the upper body or full body of a person was prominent, the results were less satisfactory. The AI struggled to maintain realism, leading to heavy morphing of the character’s body, which detracted from the overall quality of the video.

Examples of Heavy Morphing

  1. Full-Body Fashion Show: Attempting to create a mockup for a fashion show with full-body shots led to distorted and unrealistic movements.

  2. Fitness Demonstrations: Videos intended to showcase fitness routines with upper body prominence showed noticeable inconsistencies in the body movements and morphing.

Test Punctuation

Punctuation influences the generated audio very much. Make sure to test videos and their audio before publishing to avoid unnecessary pauses.

Avoid Plain Backgrounds

More “complicated” background produce less video artefacts.


Hedra’s generative video AI is a powerful tool for creating engaging video content for e-commerce, especially when the focus is on the face. By adhering to best practices and avoiding scenarios where the upper or full body is the main focus, businesses can leverage Hedra to produce high-quality video mockups that captivate and convert.