Google Cloud deepens investment to activate partner ecosystem around generative AI

Partners have made it clear that they are eager to create generative AI offerings that drive value for their customers as quickly as possible. Google Cloud is committed to enabling our partners by fueling the most open and innovative AI ecosystem. To do this, we’re building on the many investments we are making to infuse AI into our ecosystem through a new Google Cloud Generative AI Partner initiative, the next evolution of the Built with Google Cloud AI initiative that we launched in March.

This new initiative includes:

  • Gen AI journey maps that extend access and learning on Google Cloud’s gen AI capabilities to a wider set of partners

  • Separate Service and Build tracks for invited partners that provide tailored, high-touch benefits including support for curated industry solutions depending on their engagement model

Expanded access to our gen AI resources with journey maps  

All Google Cloud Service and Build partners at the Partner and Premier levels will now have access to gen AI journey maps to help them navigate their gen AI journey from ideation to deployment. 

The journey maps provide a bird’s-eye view across partner training, certification and go-to-market tools to build solutions, engage prospects and conduct workshops. Partners will also have access to a catalog of advisory and deployment services designed to help Google Cloud partners accelerate customer outcomes. 

Accelerated gen AI go-to-market pathway 

In addition to the new journey maps, we are introducing a high-touch pathway with two separate tracks for Service and Build partners. This is available to partners at the Partner or Premier level by invitation.

Partners within these tracks will receive key incremental benefits that cross all functional areas of technical, sales, marketing and business, including exclusive access to gen AI roadmaps, access to Cloud Specialists to establish their gen AI practice, help with rapid prototyping for gen AI solutions, a gen AI partner badge, and more.

There is so much more we are eager to share with you about the opportunity to team with Google Cloud on gen AI. If you are attending Google Cloud Next, I encourage you to attend our partner sessions, where you will learn more about this important new initiative and also have a chance to ask questions.

See you in the cloud…