Operationalize automation for faster, more efficient incident resolution at a lower cost

IT is under enormous pressure. The expectation is 24/7/365 performance while also delivering increasingly better customer experiences at the lowest possible cost. The reality is that it’s difficult to keep apps performing as designed, especially in modern, cloud-native environments with microservices and Kubernetes. Cloud costs are out of control, and teams spend too much time fixing instead of innovating. And it all happens at a rate that makes it impossible for humans to keep up.

It’s time for IT to go from reactive to proactive and preventative. Together, IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic provide real-time observability and control that everyone and anyone can use, with hybrid cloud resource and cost optimization so you can safely automate to unlock elasticity without compromising performance. Teams can build trust with automation to scale more efficiently, allowing them to build, deploy and manage applications and services anytime, anywhere while balancing performance and cost.

IT complexity makes it difficult to balance app performance and cost 

Modern applications are dynamic, distributed and rely on an interconnected mix of infrastructure and technologies across hybrid cloud and multicloud. Yet too many organizations operate with siloed teams, tooling and data—the exact opposite of “dynamic.”

That approach is expensive, too. The average cost of downtime is $220K/hour. And organizations estimate that 32% of cloud spend is wasted. That leaves many IT professionals asking, “How do you get the most from and for your applications?” The answer—by choosing integrated solutions to help you operationalize IT automation for the speed, agility and business growth you need at scale.

Real-time observability with high-fidelity data for everyone and anyone

Observability gives you deep visibility and understanding into your applications and infrastructure for faster, automated problem identification and resolution. IBM® Instana® Observability is the gold standard of incident prevention. You’ll find automated full-stack visibility, one-second granularity and three seconds to notify. Going beyond traditional APM solutions, IBM Instana extends observability to all teams, so anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development can get the data they want with the context they need.

Automation to optimize app performance at the lowest cost

Optimization is the ability to continuously generate trustworthy automatable actions in real time—without human intervention. IBM® Turbonomic® eliminates the need to overprovision and overspend. It takes the guesswork out with solutions that help you continuously assure that each application is getting exactly the resources it needs when it needs them (and again, without human intervention). Turbonomic is a preventative system that allows you to deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack.

Turn reactive into preventative for the optimal user experience

Given how expensive downtime is, it’s no wonder that application performance is a high priority for every organization. Rather than rely on slow, manual processes like email, Slack and endless meetings to remediate incidents, it’s time to operationalize elasticity for faster, more efficient resolution and prevention.

With IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic, you can take integrated, granular metrics and dynamic topology from Instana to fuel action recommendations from Turbonomic. You can take action on those recommendations directly in the Instana UI and automate when you feel comfortable.

It’s a smart way to build trustworthy automation because you can see the impact of any action, backed by data. It’s a virtuous circle of observe, act and optimize that helps your teams build confidence in the technology and achieve automation at a rate that exceeds human scale.

Exceptional customer experiences are built on consistent performance and innovation, not lag times and fire drills. Moving from a reactive approach to a more preventative approach requires three key elements:

  1. Apps that are observable: Even in an ever-changing, modern cloud-native environment with the added complexities of microservices.
  2. Contextual data: Context is king, but it’s rarely achieved given our current IT systems. However, it’s critical to understand and map the relationships between apps, platform and infrastructure
  3. The ability to automate: The first two bullets can’t deliver lasting value unless you have the ability to confidently automate at scale.

IBM Instana with IBM Turbonomic changes the game. You’ll be able to move to a more predictive—even preventative—approach. With this solution, you’ll find that the following is true:

  • Developers and DevOps teams can find and fix things faster—before they impact end users.
  • Ops teams can automate optimization to assure app performance at the lowest cost.
  • Teams will be able to remediate code issues faster while eliminating resources as a cause of application delay.
  • You can ensure everyone is within budget.
  • Teams will be more productive by taking Turbonomic actions directly in the Instana UI until trust is built for continuous automation.

Together, they make teams more productive and help keep everyone within budget, with applications optimized for cost while assuring performance.

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IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic provide real-time observability and software-driven control that everyone and anyone can use. By operationalizing elasticity, customers can unlock hybrid cloud cost optimization capabilities without compromising performance.

Teams can build trust with automation to scale more efficiently, allowing them to build, deploy and manage applications/services anytime, anywhere while balancing performance and cost. Application teams can finally have the bridge to infrastructure that allows them to rapidly eliminate infrastructure as the cause of application delay.

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