Persado Drives Mutual ROI with Technology Partnerships and Alliances Program

Technology teams are stronger when they work together. So are technology companies and service providers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Persado Technology Partnerships and Alliances Program. The goals of this program are to drive mutual ROI with our integration and technology partners and to create better offerings and more dynamic features for our end customers. We achieve these goals through integrations, co-selling, cross-selling, co-marketing, and more. 

How the Persado Technology Partnerships and Alliances Program works 

Persado works with various types of partners from marketing automation platforms to data lakes and warehouses to service providers and cloud and e-commerce platforms. As an enterprise-grade Generative AI company, Persado works exclusively with enterprise brands. So we partner best with companies that also service enterprise teams. 

Integrations and API

Each partnership is strategic and looks a bit different. Persado currently has native integrations with Adobe, Snowflake, Optimizely, Amperity, Braze, Optimove, and others. We are very proud of the added capabilities and offerings we’ve created for enterprise brands through our integration partners

When Optimove and Persado work together, we can help businesses create personalized marketing experiences that are more likely to resonate with their customers. This can lead to increased customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction and reduced marketing costs. Our customers will benefit from targeted, relevant marketing as a direct result of this integration.

Eric Garten, Senior Partner Executive at Optimove 

However, integrations aren’t the only way to access our Motivation AI data in real-time. The Persado API is platform agnostic. Therefore, it can support a customer’s vendor of choice for email, SMS, web delivery, etc. through a single script onsite. This gives Persado customers more options and flexibility to streamline campaigns and track web content while reducing workload and adding value. 

Persado partners can also bring our Motivation AI, a specialized class of Generative AI that drives business results for enterprise brands, capabilities into their platforms through our open API known as the Motivation AI API

Why partner with Persado? 

The Persado Motivation AI Platform uses motivation-aware Generative AI to create language that personalizes the words and phrases across the digital customer journey and motivates consumers to engage and act. Top global brands like Coach, Kate Spade, JPMorgan Chase, and Verizon trust Persado to deliver the highest performing digital messaging and drive business outcomes using our specialized class of Generative AI. 

With tools like ChatGPT growing in popularity and making headlines, there has never been a better time to partner with one of the most established Generative AI companies in the enterprise space and even bring Generative AI capabilities into your solutions. 

While we’re super proud of our integration partnerships (and plan to do more), a successful partnership does not require an integration or API connection. The Persado Partnership and Alliances program is also committed to co-selling, co-hosting events, co-sharing or co-creating content, webinars, and more. 

What’s in it for our partners?

  • Enterprise-grade Generative AI technology and expertise 
  • Integration opportunities with ESPs, CDPs, marketing automation platforms, journey orchestration platforms, and more 
  • Experienced events team that can easily coordinate co-hosting an event, speaking opportunities, sponsor your event, and more 
  • Speaking opportunities and guest speakers – tap into Persado’s Generative AI and marketing thought leaders 
  • Top-notch content marketing team that is experienced with guest posts and content opportunities 
  • Monthly webinars that drive 100+ registrations 
  • Contacts and customers at some of the world’s largest enterprise brands 

We believe every partnership should be a win/win/win. The ideal partnership for us is a win for the partner, a win for the end customer, and a win for Persado. If your company also serves enterprise marketing, e-commerce, and/or digital teams, let’s chat about how we can drive mutual growth. Email to get started. 

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