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I want to introduce you to the second season of my podcast, Making of the SRE Omelette. This season explores achieving our sustainability goals via the practice of Site Reliability Engineering.

“Culture is the outcome of what we do. In the context of The Chicken or The Egg, it is like an Omelette.” – Kareem Yusuf, SVP IBM Software

Wondering what does an Omelette has to do with SRE? It is based on the analogy from Kareem that Culture is the outcome of what we do. So in the context of the chicken or the egg, it is like an Omelette. From this idea, a podcast was born that I called Making of the SRE Omelette.

Season 1 of Making of the SRE Omelette

In it’s first year, the podcast captured insights from industry experts, surfacing practices and perspectives that led them to achieve business and client success outcomes using the practice of Site Reliability Engineering.

Season 1 has over 500 minutes of content. It was a hit with our community of listeners in over 21 countries and ranked in the top 20% of most followed podcasts on Spotify.

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Season 2 looks at reliable sustainability

I’m thrilled to say that Making of the SRE Omelette kicked off its season two on Earth Day with the theme of Reliable Sustainability. Sustainability is front and center of many conversations today, from boardrooms to living rooms. But does being sustainable simply mean reducing carbon footprint, or does it mean more?

In season 2 of the podcast, I will talk to experts to understand the meaning of sustainability and the outcomes we should be targeting. And of course, I will tie to all back to how the practice of Site Reliability Engineering can help and lead us to achieve those outcomes.

Released on Earth Day are the following episodes:

Episode 1: Sustainability Explained

Joining us to demystify Sustainability and kick off Season 2 is Christina Shim.

Christina explains sustainability as leaving the planet better than we are now – meet today’s needs and also making sure demands of tomorrow can be met as well. She explains the ESG framework and goes to highlight we shouldn’t let the conversation stop at what fits into the bucket of ESG.

Christina has a set of call to actions for all of us to take at the personal, team and organization level to make a difference now. Listen in as we take on the pledge to arrive at a more sustainable future.

Episode 2 – Reliable Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just an ambition, over the last few years, we’re starting to see companies actively doing things and changing their behaviors to be more sustainable.

Suzanne Livingston, VP of Development & Reliability Engineering at IBM Sustainability Software, takes the audience through the journey of building a solution that is reliable and sustainable from day one. She also shares insights on why Sustainability is the focus of companies today, success stories with customers she has worked with and what IBM is doing to help their customers to achieve sustainability goals.

Lastly, Suzanne gives practical advice on how companies and organization can get started right away and take steps closer to realizing their sustainability goals.

Episode 3 – Sustainability by the Numbers & Call to Action

Rishi Vaish, VP and CTO of IBM Sustainability Software, takes us through Sustainability by the Numbers to give us context and scope of the impact of climate change and why we need to act now. Rishi also gives concrete examples of what we can do to make a difference.

In addition, he has a call to action for Site Reliability Engineers – from questions to get us to think of sustainability from the start, as well as considerations to be more sustainable from our roles. For example:

  • What is your take on sustainability as it relates to energy footprint and efficiency?
  • Do you know how many of your development environments are running when no-one is using it?

So join me and my incredible guests as they crack some plant-based eggs, add some ESG and turn sustainability ambitions into reality.

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