Build apps faster with new Duet AI in Google Cloud training content

Calling all cloud developers. This year there has been a lot of focus on generative AI, with plenty of excitement about the potential it brings to the future of cloud technology. Today we’re launching new training on Duet AI in Google Cloud that can help you get the most out of the new product features so that you can build customer experiences quickly, more securely, and like never before.

Duet AI is an AI-powered collaborator that helps you build secure, scalable applications while providing expert guidance. It’s built on top of Google’s large language models (LLMs) and tuned by Google Cloud experts.

Find out how to incorporate Duet AI in Google Cloud into your day-to-day activities. The new Duet AI in Google Cloud Learning Path consists of a series of videos, quizzes and labs (requiring credits) to test your skills. Each video and quiz can be completed at no-cost. Labs cost 5 credits each in Google Cloud Skills Boost, with a total of 8 labs (for 40 credits total) across the learning path. These resources could help you become more productive in Google Cloud and IDEs, and to get more done, faster.

What can you do with Duet AI in Google Cloud?

Duet AI is more than just a developer productivity tool, it’s also a learning companion for developers of all skill levels embarking on the development lifecycle. Whether you’re just starting with cloud technologies or are a seasoned expert, Duet AI is here to guide and enhance your journey to mastery in software development and Google Cloud.

It offers personalized, expert-level advice in natural language on a wide range of topics, from crafting specific queries and scripts, to mastering common Google Cloud tasks, to best practices for application deployment, and cost optimization. Integrated within both the IDE and the Google Cloud console, Duet AI promotes a learning experience that can minimize the need for context-switching.

Here are some examples on how Duet AI can help:

  • Real-time code creation and editing assistance. Describe a task that you have in mind as a comment or function name, and Duet AI will generate suggested code that can be reviewed and modified
  • Chat assistance in the IDE for troubleshooting
  • Overcome challenges that many of us experience day-to-day, like friction when integrating new tools and services, hashing over repetitive tasks, and spending time understanding a new code base or project
  • Use templates to develop a basic app. Then run, test, and deploy to Google Cloud, all with Duet AI assistance
  • Save time and increase code quality when writing tests

How to learn about Duet AI

Ready to get started using Duet AI? Go to the Duet AI in Google Cloud Learning Path, or dive directly into each of the role-based courses (1 to 2.5 hours each) within the learning path:

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