How Orby AI leverages Document AI to enable organizations to automate document-centric processes

Organizations are inundated with an overwhelming volume of documents that need to be processed, validated, and organized. Orby AI, powered by Document AI, helps customers automate document-centric repetitive tasks like contract processing, email processing, and invoice validation. Using Document AI’s pre-trained models — known as processors — as an important foundational layer, Orby AI learns a customer’s workflows and then generates suggestions on how to automate the process while staying compliant.

The platform harnesses the knowledge derived from human activities and leverages Document AI processors to understand documents and automate workflows once validated. This approach ensures seamless integration of human expertise and AI-powered automation, optimizing efficiency and productivity across operations.

Observe, learn, and automate repetitive work

Consider a familiar scenario: finance teams spend hours manually extracting key data from vendor contracts and comparing it to invoices before payment. This painstaking process not only drains precious time but also opens the door to potentially costly errors.

Current solutions often fall short when it comes to tackling intricate and dynamic processes that demand the prowess of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). They may also require substantial upfront effort to comprehend complex workflows before automation can commence.

Orby AI helps fulfill the end-to-end automation promise while keeping humans involved in the process. Orby observes the process and learns from users as they work, collecting data to create automation suggestions they can review and provide feedback on later.


Orby AI’s unique “observe, learn, and automate” end-to-end experience monitors a user’s activities, identifies repetitive work steps, and automatically generates suggestions that can be used to automate these tasks after human validation. Moreover, Orby improves over time from human feedback and becomes more accurate with no coding involved.

Building a solution architecture with Document AI

Orby AI uses Document AI processors, including Enterprise Document OCR and Form Parser, to extract highly accurate text, layouts, key value pairs, and tables from documents.

Overall Orby AI architecture


Orby AI chose to use Document AI’s Form Parser and Enterprise Document OCR for the high quality text detection and extraction, strong multilingual support and broader integration with the Google Cloud ecosystem. This set Document AI apart and has been critical for Orby AI in providing stronger recommendations downstream.

Deep dive into Document Understanding Capabilities


“We chose Document AI’s general document models because it provides the state of the art quality for OCR and document understanding.”— Will Lu, Orby AI Cofounder & CTO

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